Le Diable - Asmodee - Rennes-Le-Chateau

Annie Jones-Elliot, Bearded Lady

Twenty-three year old Viennese woman, before and after contracting cholera
One mid-19th century report describes cholera victims who were “one minute warm, palpitating, human organisms - the next a sort of galvanized corpse, with icy breath, stopped pulse and blood congealed - blue, shrivelled up, convulsed”. Cholera causes profuse vomiting and diarrhoea, dehydrating the body so rapidly and severely that the blood thickens and the skin becomes deathlike and blue.
Image from the Wellcome Archives

Art by Arthur Rackham (1916) from FAIRY TALES OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM.

Ἀφροδίτη Sigil

Art by Patten Wilson (1903).

Madge Bellamy in White Zombie, 1932.

Sylvie Guillem .. rehearsing on stage for Sleeping Beauty. Royal Opera House. Photograph by Gilles Tapie.

We encourage the conscious strengthening of those invisible ribbands which fly from the wrists of those who go forward to seek what you may call the Grail. All is well, my friends. We leave you in hopes that each may find true colors to fly in that great metaphysical quest and urge each to urge each other in love, praise, and thanksgiving.
— Law of One